Babies last massage and yoga class Leeds
Baby Massage Mums Leeds

 'Thanks for the baby massage and yoga sessions, Sophie really enjoys it at home. Totally recommend the class, lovely atmosphere and lots of tips, we are even doing the songs!' Helen- December 

 'We've been attending the course at Horsforth for the last few weeks and me and my son love it! My little boy loves the mix of yoga, massage and sensory and always has fun. It's great to meet other mums too and Rebecca is such a lovely teacher' Annika- October 

 'I started this course with my daughter when she was about 11 weeks old. It was a great way to learn about baby massage and its benefits. We have used the techniques to ease tummy aches particularly in the early days and months later, we are still doing baby massage to wind down before bedtime. It's a lovely way to bond with your baby and to meet other new mums in the area. Rebecca is a great teacher and I couldn't give her or the course anything other than 5 stars' Joanne- August 

 'I'd highly recommend this course to anyone looking to try baby massage. The course is a lovely way to spend time with your little one, to meet other mums and learn something that you can use again and again. We've used the massage techniques to relax after bath time, to calm down before naps and to ease tummy problems. Becky is a great teacher and knows her stuff. She is really friendly and makes everyone feel welcome. I'll really miss the classes when the course ends.'Claire- January 

 'This class is a lovely way to take some time out and spend some one to one time bonding with your baby. The environment was really relaxing for both me and my 7mth old son, and has taught me some lovely techniques that I can take away and do at home. Becky is a great teacher friendly, approachable and I loved the way she introduced all the mums to each other and actively got us to engage and make friends. This for me was just as important as the class itself, as it's a lifesaver to make other mummy friends. Thank you Becky, I will definitely attend again if there is a baby no2.' Zoe- January 

 'I would definitely recommend this baby massage course with Becky. I recently attended a course with my 6 month old son, and since then we have been doing the massages daily. It has been really useful to learn specific massage strokes to help combat baby issues such as trapped wind & colic. Also, it's a great way to bond with your baby. Thank you so much for teaching us Becky.' Laura- November 

 'I would highly recommend a course by Rebecca. It was informative yet informal and friendly. Being local meant she also had great tips on groups nearby. Great way to bond with your baby and meet other mums.' Suzy- November 

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