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Our combined baby massage and baby yoga classes are a wonderful experience for both parent and baby offering a special time for you to lovingly communicate through nurturing touch. 

Our relaxed and friendly sessions are a gentle combination of traditional Indian and Swedish massage strokes, reflexology and adapted baby yoga.  There’s also lots of singing and some gentle sensory play too!  

As well as being a fantastic way to bond, classes aid your little one’s brain development, strengthen and tone muscles and help to develop balance and co-ordination.  

Regular baby massage and baby yoga practice can also:

  • Ease symptoms of colic, wind and constipation 
  • Reduce teething discomfort
  • Boost immune system functioning
  • Encourage a deeper sleep for baby 

Classes run across Leeds. They are completely baby led and offer parents a fantastic opportunity to socialise. Please visit our FIND A CLASS page for more details. 

What our parents say

baby yoga moves

'Loved our baby massage and yoga class, It was so relaxed and easy to follow! I really looked forward to it every week, as did Ted. I definitely think we’ll be back for another course. The massage techniques have been great to use before bedtime or just generally through the day and have definitely had an impact on his mood (and bodily functions) Thanks so much Rebecca!' Abi and Ted

"Totally recommend all classes - a really great way to spend time with your baby and bond. I ended up doing 3 classes on the trot, I was able to take the skills home and practise every night before bed time and this helped my son to get into sleep mode. I met some really great mum friends on the course as well who I am still in touch with. Thank you so much!" Belle and Barnaby

'I attended these classes with my second son and loved it so much I now attend with my third son! Very relaxed friendly class, it’s a chance to learn new skills and bond with your baby, you also meet new mums!' Donna and Oliver

'Really enjoyed this - so good that my NCT friends and I signed up for a second batch of sessions! Great way to bond with your baby and to meet other mums. Rebecca is a warm, friendly and knowledgeable host.' Lara and Rosalie



Bliss4Baby- Baby massage and yoga classes in Horsforth and Roundhay/ Oakwood - Leeds, West Yorkshire.